Buddha Triangle

Buddha Triangle write songs about love, sex and food. They appreciate the good things in life while at the same time providing listeners with a social commentary, delivered through thought-provoking stories of our modern world with care awareness and humour. Their main aim? To bring joy into peoples lives. 

They bring together an eclectic mix of genres to create their unique, brave sound; there’s electronica, jazz, rock and hip hop that’s performed with vim and vigour by a diverse and fluid line up of talented musicians. The core members, both singers, are best pals Sam Margerison and Mehdi Silver. Other regular contributors include Dudley Woodright (guitar), Alfie Rolph (bass), Albie Todd (drums), Rob Leake (sax) and Matt Juckes (keyboard). 

Frontmen Sam and Mehdi slip effortlessly between their chilled yet passionate rap style and more traditionally sung vocals. Sometimes there are too many words to fit into a ‘normal’ song format, so rapping is worked in to get the message across effectively. 

Live they are a force of nature. Having built up a massive fun loving following and community with the party goers of their hometown, Hastings, they are officially ready to reach further and explore new territories – and hopefully bring joy and excitement to wider audiences.

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