DJ Miss guided Angel

Tess ( DJ Miss guided Angel) has been facilitating dance, movement and meditation groups since 2007. She is a lover of all types of dance, meditation, music, breathwork and many other nourishing things. Tess bridges cultures through her enchanting melodies and music.  From Traditional medicine songs to funky upbeat tracks to get you moving.
Tess trained as a cacao Practitioner with Keith’s cacao, Guatemala in 2010. Ceremonial Cacao opens the heart and activates the pineal gland.We can set our intention with the Spirit of cacao empowering transformation and  healing  This ancient beverage, known as the Food of the Gods, is chocolate in its purest form and was traditionally reserved for the elite. Today, we have the honour of enjoying cacao for its benefits of healing, creativity, spiritual connection, nourishment, natural energy and euphoria. The cacao we will be serving comes straight from the hands of Mayan women in Guatemala and is held very sacredly, creating a heart-centred and expansive experience for all.

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