From Road Protests to Renewable Energy – How to f**k up your life whilst trying to unf**k the world.

Howard Johns shares some of his story from road protester to energy entrepreneur. Following his degree in energy technology and environment, he has protested against, among other things, the digging of an open cast coal mine, and was evicted from a tree in the process. Moving on from saying no to the problems, Howard set about building solutions, eventually founding a national solar energy company, and a locally owned renewable energy co-operative – the first one in the UK to build a solar energy project with a community share offer. At the same time he chaired the trade body representing the UK solar industry, finding himself campaigning on energy policy again in the process. Most recently he has been developing a group of companies which managed a £1.5Bn portfolio of large scale solar and wind projects across the UK and the EU, and he has recently quit that role to develop a new ground breaking energy company focused on getting people’s homes off fossil fuels. Howard is convinced we have all the technology and money we need to implement the right climate and energy solutions, and that we should stop letting fear based decision making prevent us from turning the unfolding crisis into an opportunity for the reinvention of our society, to bring us back into balance with nature. 

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