Full-body breath release with Susannah White

Move, roll, shake, release

An invitation to de-stress, unwind and let go using specific breath techniques and embodied movement. 

Susannah has been teaching yoga for the past 15 years, predominately around Kensington and Chelsea before moving to Forest Row in 2020.
Originally a professional dancer, Susannah became injured and started her journey into healing. She first qualified as a Personal Trainer, before travelling to India to become a yoga teacher. Since then, Susannah has trained extensively, travelling around the world to work with different teachers and experts in yoga, functional movement and pre and post natal care. 

During the last 8 years Susannah has been studying to become a movement specialist in Pelvic Health for women, she is now qualified as an Advanced Post Natal Wellness Practitioner and has achieved her Level 2 certification from The international Hypopressive Board of trainers.
Susannah is continuing her studies with a 3rd Age Women global certification, a huge study into the affects of menopause and how to support women through this transition and beyond. And she will also be completing her Level 3 Hypopressive training before the end of the year.

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