GOOD MOOD FOOD and Plant Toxins. 

Food as Medicine – GAPS coach Emma outlines the nutritional protocol that brings non verbal autistic kids back from their silence.   Gut And Psychology Syndrome is the brain child of neurological surgeon Dr Natasha Campbell McBride who’s own son had a diagnosis of autism.  

Using the food as medicine and her rich Russian cultural heritage, Dr Natasha rebuilt her son’s broken gut, recolonised his deficient microbiome and brought him back to fully functioning.  

GAPS coaches and practitioners have trained with Dr Natasha since 2012 and can help people find a firm foundation for good health just using nutrient dense foods.  

In this talk we’ll be describing “leaky gut” or “gut permeability”, what to do about it and asking “Is Neurodiversity an umberella term for varying degees of poisining?  

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