Kundalini yoga with Katia Kaur

Katia Kaur first discovered her love for kundalini yoga in London over 14 years ago & has been teaching in and around Brighton for 9 years. 

After experiencing the deeply healing benefits of kundalini yoga at first hand, Katia felt inspired to complete her Karam Kriya teacher training in Brighton & Portugal in 2012, with a mission to share with her local community. 

Katia loves teaching kundalini yoga as it is a powerful practice that acts as a catalyst for positive change.  Kundalini yoga is known to be the “yoga of awareness” as it expands our consciousness & connects us to our truth or higher self.  The combination of mantras (healing sound vibration), physical yoga (kundalini kriyas), pranayama (breathwork) & meditations are an effective formula to balance the glandular system & strengthen the nervous system. Kundalini yoga has the capacity to uplift humanity, encouraging students to reach their full potential and align with their highest purpose. All mediations within kundalini yoga work deeply on the psyche, developing inner awareness & realigning us with our spirit. Katia feels very privileged to be a Kundalini yoga teacher as it is a supremely spiritual practice designed to open the heart & give us an experience of our own soul.

Description of class 

The energy of summer time is abundant and expansive, during this kundalini workshop we will raise our frequency to align with the bountiful energy of the season. 

We will explore a combination of mantras, kriya (physical yoga), meditation and breathwork to expand our awareness, increase our magnetism & bask in the bliss of our authentic self. 

The wild beauty of the ashdown forest provides the perfect setting to embark on this ethereal kundalini journey.

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