Nikhil Beats

With his most recent single ‘Thrills’ featuring wordsmith Kieron Boothe, producer and instrumentalist Nikhil Beats has been making waves within the underground London music scene including intricate production and broad versatility with a plethora of musicians. Having previously collaborated with DIVINEANGEL, KeepVibesNear, Safiyyah, Finn Foxell, Danny Sanchez, Xadi and more, we’re back with another instalment of Get To Know with this up-and-coming vibe-creator.

Hailing from East London, Nikhil Beats has always been surrounded by music since he was a child, to the point where it was only natural for him to pursue it as a career. Illustrating his own unique style of sound which stands as a combination of hip-hop, R&B, jazz as well as cultural references from his British-Asian heritage, he strives to leave his own stamp within the industry. As he’s gained momentum within the past year, he mentions it came as a shock when he would introduce himself to people and they already knew who he was. In terms of his recent collaborations, it doesn’t come as a surprise that he’s making a name for himself as his tracks surpass tens of thousands of streams and he’s been praised constantly with his refined and consistent sound.

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