Pranayama breathing with Luke Forest

In this Pranayama workshop Luke Forest will guide you through a traditional breath work practice with the aim of clearing, cleansing and moving energy around the pranic system. In the session You will explore different kinds of breath work and how to harness your energy by becoming aware of, and controlling your life force. 

My name is Luke Forest and I have a passion for getting people to their physical, mental and energetic goals.

My life’s work is to take ancient teachings, wisdom and practices from the old world into the new. I want to equip everyone with the skills they need to access their true potentials and for us all to elevate together.

My deep interest in Classical Hatha, Jnana and Bhakti Yoga combined with Body, breath and energy work allows me to combine many different approaches to help my clients find balance and stability in their every day lives.

I have travelled the world looking for answers from ancient sun kissed temples in India to bone chattering ice baths in high rise UK tower blocks and I have found at the core of it, we are all the same and looking for the same answers.

No Man bun, No baggy trousers, just experiential knowledge from me to you to help you to find joy in life and to know that you are loved.

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