Voice Alchemy with Joi

Vocal creativity and conurbations – confidence to sing and make healing sounds.

Joi is an apprentice of sound. His purpose is to support himself and others to open their creative expression through voice and movement. 

His philosophy is simple: we are all uniquely creative so let’s express our essence and raise our and the collective vibration, clearing traumas and having a good time all the while  

Joi has travelled the world exploring and facilitating voice and dance traditions, including Brasil, Portugal, UK, Italy,  Thailand and India. 

His ceremonies encourage participants to go deep and explore whats inside and release it through sound and movement.   

Come along to explore your unique transformative instrument- your voice. Together we will unearth your sound signature, discover your vocal creativity and develop new self esteem around your vulnerabilities. 

Bring curiosity, kindness and courage to uncover your hidden treasure. 

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