With a “breathtaking voice” that “lulls you into a blissful trance”, Aerynn is an American-born singer-songwriter creating music in the North of England.  Socially awkward and shy but with no qualms about singing vulnerable and real songs to others, songwriting has always been aerynn’s therapy as a process to feel less alone in this strange world.  Aerynn’s hope is that her songs will spark an emotional response and inspire others like her to feel less alone, too.

Aerynn is an alumnus of the Writer-To-Writer Songwriting Retreat by Andrea Stolpe (Berklee), a Finalist in the UK Songwriting Competition, and maintains co-writing partnerships in Iceland, the USA, and locally in the UK.  Having taught voice/piano/guitar or the past decade (specialising in neurodiverse students) and previous to that, having a career in astrophysics, Aerynn is equipped to guide the songwriting-curious through the vulnerable beginnings of self expression in songcraft, and assist in methodically problem-solving blocks in the process.

“See In The Dark,” Aerynn’s upcoming album slated for release this spring, is a heartfelt collaboration with producer Mark Winterburn, who has created stunning aural worldscapes for aerynn’s songs to reside in. The fully-produced 14 song album is in stark contrast to Aerynn’s previous all-acoustic EP, “Summer Leaves”.  “See In The Dark” promises to be a sonic journey of reflection and confession, hope and heartache, each song telling a personal tale that resonates universally with a thread of truth, inviting listeners to embark on an introspective journey of their own. It’s a delicate balance of dark and light, centred in an authenticity that has become Aerynn’s signature, with “Light With You” serving as a luminescent guide.

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