Don Letts

Welcoming Don Letts to Good Vibrations 2024! 💛

Don’s DJ career began unexpectedly at The Roxy Club, the UK’s inaugural live punk rock venue. 

Amidst the intense punk performances, he seamlessly incorporated his love for serious dub reggae, pleasing both punk and reggae enthusiasts, thus birthing the ‘punky-reggae party’ phenomenon. 

Since then, he’s continued to DJ nationally and internationally with a set that’s very much in the spirit of his days at The Roxy – we’re talking the history and legacy of Jamaican music – with an emphasis on moving the crowd.

A head to toe perfect DJ for our gathering this summer from 2nd – 4th August at Pippingford Park.

Head to our instagram for nothing but Don fuelled vibes and please give Don a Good Vibes welcome to the family. 

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