Mike Fillery and the other two

Taking inspiration from bands such as the Barenaked Ladies, Green day and Idlewild, Mike Fillery and The Other Two have managed to create catchy, danceable and instantly singable songs. With a focus on upbeat melodies underpinning honest, witty and sometimes raw lyrics to really resonate with their audience. 

Mike Fillery and The Other Two have emerged from a line up of brilliant acts across Sussex, they often play alongside fellow musicians such as ‘The Veltmans’, ‘Buster Shuffle’ ‘Knocksville’ and ‘Slazarus’. 

Tiny Drew’s captivating drum skills underpin the sleek but sturdy structure of the songs and Big Damo’s driving bass helps bring the dancing. Frontman and guitarist Mike Fillery’s amusing but self deprecating banter between songs helps connect with the audience and the songs are really good.

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