Sanctuary opening ceremony with Pablo and cacao

It is the main ingredient for Chocolate and the best of the best, just as matcha tea has a Ceremonial grade, so does Cacao.

We are very lucky to have established a direct link with Ashaninka Communities in Peru. This Cacao is pure, organic, unroasted, minimally processed and wild grown heirloom beans, ethically sourced from ancient Cacao gardens. 

Cacao’s reputation is that of a gentle yet powerful Earth medicine, containing many beneficial nutrients and goodness, perfect for these times. Cacao has been known to open your heart, create happy states, release negative emotions, and connect you to pure love energy.

Nourishment for your very core!

Cacao, dance and sound in an intentional setting, can move energy, shaking up stuckness – emotionally, physically, mentally all that’s ready to be released! 


Since 1989, DJ and music producer Pablo was an intrinsic player in the underground free party scene in Wales, having releases on Harthouse, Blue Room, Personal Theatre and Whartone records throughout the 90’s and 00’s. He‘s had numerous DJ appearances Worldwide over the years at festivals and gatherings and is still deeply immersed in the culture of music and dance. Practicing Transcendental Meditation since 1986 and trained as an Access Consciousness facilitator in 2016. 

Pablo created the award winning, bean to bar chocolate bar brand “Forever Cacao” in 2012 and became Europe’s first and longest established supplier of Peruvian Ceremonial Cacao.

We invite all who are interested in Cacao, dance, sound, connection, laughter, well being, regeneration and transformation to experience this.

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