Wild Spa by the Enchanted Glade

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The Enchanted glade invites you to soothe your aching muscles and relax your nervous system in our onsite WILD SPA… We have 2 wood fired hot tubs, A wood fired Sauna, Ice bath and cold shower, plus massage and our cafe serving electrolyte rich superfoods to nourish you post spa session. All with the incredible view over the forest and enchanting sounds to refresh and rejuvinate the mind, body and spirit.

Travel down the high street and past the Root, trough our peace garden you will find the Wild Spa. With stunning views over the Ashdown Forest.

The Enchanted Glade team warmly welcome you to soak your aching bones, rest your busy mind, recharge your spirit and warm your cockles in our WILD SPA in the woods.

As part of the wonderful woodland Spa area, We are offering the opportunity to reset your nervous system – as you relax, refresh and rejuvenate in our wood fired hot tubs and sauna, cold shower and ice bath.

We have a changing area, chill out area and organic chai and choc available to refuel yourself as you set out into the festival with an extra shine on your skin and spring in your step.

Book a spa session or private sunset hot tub – https://www.enchantedglade.co.uk/goodvibes

The Wild Spa is run by the Enchanted Glade – www.enchantedglade.co.uk

We are a family that live and love in nature- Maria, Lillo Ayla and Eliya.

We are a small independent business, with love and care for people and nature at the very heart of what we do.

All our units are off grid and ecologically sustainable; Wood fired, solar powered, biodegradable products and locally sourced/recycled materials.

We believe in a circular economy and endeavour to use The Glade as a platform to support other local businesses.

We are affiliated with numerous local businesses and many of them use The Glade as a base for their offerings.

We give a percentage of our profits to local woodland conservation projects, The woodland Trust and Treesisters-Planting trees for change.

Lillo and I are both therapists and have held the vision of creating a space where people could use the healing power of nature to nurture themselves back to wellbeing.

After travelling the world, staying in and working in various eco lodges, helping set up a retreat centre in Bali and then running one in Costa Rica, We felt the strong call to base ourselves near Forest Row in England. There is a very strong alternative culture in this area and we are blessed to have 3 local biodynamic farms and various alternative school options. It was our dream to create a community based business that our children would grow up in, always knowing a sense of belonging, to the land and to the tribe.

After our return to the UK, We moved in to a well established, land based community and for a few years ran a small BNB business from our home.
However, when the covid pandemic hit, it became apparent to us that this was no longer sustainable or even possible, so we had to think quickly and creatively.

We had many enquiries from people seeking a different kind of holiday- One immersed in nature, connected to the land and the people, A holiday which resets and refreshes the body, mind and Spirit. One where people felt safe and free to be.

We realised that the unique selling point of our BnB business was the experience of a holistic off grid lifestyle and the connection to creative community, so we wanted to extend our community living experience to offer other the opportunity to witness a different way of living.

The pandemic propelled us into an immediate response, people were desperate for nature connection and human connection.

We realised that our training as therapists, our skills managing and creating retreat spaces, our experience working at festivals and our personal love for wild spa’s, was the perfect combination for us to finally pull all the threads together and offer a respitespace to those in need. And so The Enchanted Glade was born – A beautiful and unique space to rest and reset at a time when people are so longing for space, sanctuary and solace.
Nothing brings us greater delight than sharing this space with YOU.

‘See the sun set ,and the starlight
The water warm and the steam swirl ,
The owl hoot and the pheasants call.
The moon rise, shining bright.
I breathe and receive it all.
The fire lit, the candlelight,
We’ll sleep under the trees tonight…’

With love,
Maria and family


The wild spa will be a paid concession.

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