Living in a world that requires change, we have an imperative to act.

Good Vibrations Society aims to bring together communities and offer a platform for discussion and education along with opportunities to take action.

Alongside music and entertainment we have talks on ecology, conservation, rewilding, and landscape recovery.

The Ashdown Forest Foundation will be offering talks and opportunities around the local ecosystem and leading guided walks through the beautiful forest.


About Pippingford Park

For just over 100 years Pippingford has been managed with an increasing respect for Nature. This was started by not following the usual path of hunting game for sport. Leaving old trees to mature and trying to maintain the wetlands.

Around 60 years ago the decision not to take advantage of grants for commercial forestry meant the traditional hardwood forests were left. Sustainable and gentle traditional coppice practices were left to continue.

In more recent times the delicate habitats protected by this management have been recognised. In particular for many rare birds and one of the most diverse sites for Dragonfly in the county. The very rare Brilliant Emerald being the most notable of all.

Expertise from Natural England has helped to really enhance these special habitats. After 15 years following their guidance and grant aided help. Birds such as Ravens which had not been seen for over 100 years are now back and thriving. The very rare Dartford Warbler is back nesting after an absence of 25 years. At the heart of this has been the reintroduction of large grazing animals. Wild Exmoor ponies and more recently hardy Belted Galloway cows.