Josh Vyrtz

Josh Vyrtz (he/him) is an interdisciplinary artist making work that engages with the politics of algorithmic visibility and digital shame. He regularly exhibits work both in the UK and abroad. He was invited to perform at Inter Arts Center (Malmö), was shortlisted for the Red Mansion Art Prize (Beijing) and has completed residencies at Donna…

Alice Norfield

Alice Norfield is a London-based fine artist specialising in sculpture. She creates abstract sculptural forms from people’s discarded objects to explore ideas around emotional attachment, mass consumerism and what we consider ‘useful’ and ‘useless’. This installation is an invitation to interact and play, bringing together familiar and unfamiliar elements while exploring the dynamic between nature…

Vita Lerche

Currently based in London, Vita Lerche works with analog technology and performance. Her practice engages with atmosphere and the analogue to visualise electronic systems. She conducts elaborate, often critical performances to showcase political and technological structures that play a role in everyday life.

Becky Glenn

Becky Glenn is a 25-year-old sculptor based in London. Her work straddles the fine line between repulsion and delight resulting in an array of quirky sculptures that are both humorous and disgusting.