Cuppa T

Music is by far my greatest love, especially reggae… it seems to sing to my heart in a special way. I’m also an original junglist, bass goes straight to my soul. The music I play mostly reflects these influences: heavy basslines with reggae samples and remixes. I have a love & appreciation of oldschool riddims and tend to naturally choose tracks with them in. 
I also like to play oldschool hip hop too and have played afro beatz, funk & soul too but probably my favourite genre is jungle/dnb.
I have often played sets which are purely female artists, celebrating the female energy
I feel so blessed to get a chance to share my love with people, finally getting the guts to play out after a lifetime of backseat DJing. Since summer 2021 I’ve had the opportunity to play regularly at a variety of events from clubs & festivals to beach cafes & private parties. I’m excited to continue my journey, always bringing the vibes as well as the music.Looking forward to playing at Good Vibrations Society 2023!

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